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   Fotis Rafailidis
I love this. Order a size or two larger than what you usually wear I went just a size up and fits perfect. Breathable. Quality.
   Neandertal Alves
Bought two Seahawks Jerseys in size MEDIUM: one for my 10lb Yorkie-Min/Poodle girl & one for my 13lb purebred Yorkie boy. They fit nicely with enough room to be comfortably loose, so I'm very glad I checked the sizing guide, measured them, and chose the Med; they normally wear a small, but another jersey I had in "small" was too small, thus I knew to check. You should too if your dog is between 9lbs - 16lbs and/or has a very large chest: take my advice and think of going up a size.
Go hawks!
   David Mudd
I bought this toothbrush to add into my nephew's hockey themed Easter basket. He is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins sports fan. I know he will be super psyched when he gets it. Thank you/
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